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Changement taille icone OS
parent 669565db
......@@ -101,7 +101,7 @@
echo "vide.png";
echo '" width="20" height="20">';
echo '" width="30" height="30">';
echo "</td>";
echo "<td align='center' style='color:".$status_txt."'><a href='index.php?logfile=".$liste_poste_infos["info"]["logfile"]."' style='color: ".$status_lnk."' target='rapport'>".$liste_poste_infos["info"]["date"]." &#0224; ".$liste_poste_infos["info"]["time"]."</a></td>";
echo "<td align='center' style='color:".$status_txt."'>".$liste_poste_infos["info"]["ip"]."</td>";
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